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Information About Buying A Registration


All registration numbers offered are subject to availability and the Department Of Transport transfer fee of £80.00 if being transferred off a vehicle and £105.00 if the number is on a retention certificate.

A number is on a retention certificate when it has already been taken off a vehicle, therefore making it easier to transfer.

None of our numbers are at present subject to V.A.T. but this is subject to change.

If you find a cherished number you wish to purchase or want more information on, please call or email us to verify availability and price.

To secure a number we require a credit card deposit of £100.00 on numbers of £500.00 or less and £200.00 on all others.

We will then forward you a receipt together with a covering letter detailing the cost, balance and documents required for the transfer.

Documents required for the transfer are the original V5 (vehicle registration document), original current MOT certificate (if applicable to vehicle) and a photocopy of current tax disc.

BMW 6-Series

When we have received all paperwork for the transfer we will submit it to the V.R.O. for processing. Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of your documents once they have been posted or passed into the hands of the Department of Transport, but in our experience it is very rare for documents to go missing.

Once the V.R.O. have processed the application you will receive directly from them notification of the transfer, a replacement tax disc with the new registration number and your amended M.O.T. certificate. At this point you may fit the replacement number plates and notify your insurance company of the change of registration.

You must not on any account fit your new plates onto your car until you receive this notification from them.

You will receive the new registration document (V5) directly from Swansea at a later date.

In the rare event of a failed transfer due to no fault of your own (the buyer) we will refund all the monies paid (failed transfers usually occur when we are dependant on a third party) but we will not entertain any claims for damages, interest on monies paid, interest charges or any other expenses incurred.

If you (the buyer) do not wish to proceed with the transfer after paying a deposit or full payment to us, or fails to supply the full documentation required by the DVLA to process the transfer, we will not refund any part of the payment.